Blotters & Placemats

Custom desk blotters and placemats serve a common purpose and should be used to reinforce a branding opportunity.  A desk blotter should be sized so that it provides a comfortable surface for writing and should have artwork that supports branding.  Placemats offer considerable opportunity for custom designs and sizes and can only be restricted by the size of the overall table setting. Impact’s custom placemats and desk blotters are available in genuine leather, faux leather, solid woods, metal, and framed construction. Combining leather and wood or metal in a blotter design will enhance a branding opportunity.

Custom Coaster - Faux cork material set into wooden coaster
Leather Desk Blotter featuring genuine leather, stitched border, pen well, and custom corners.
Desk Blotters - Faux Leather hotel desk blotter on non-skid faux rubber base, 6-sided construction
Placemats - Genuine leather placemats with non-skid base, sewn perimeter, foil debossed artwork
Coasters - Faux leather drink coasters with a non-skid base and decorated with gold foil artwork

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