Awards and Accomplishments

Binder Covers: The World's Largest Binder Cover

London, England and Warwick, New York: February 17, 2011 ,Guinness World Records Limited announced today that Impact Enterprises, Inc of Warwick, NY and Las Vegas, Nevada has been awarded a certificate for the new Guinness World Records record for “Largest Ring Binder”. The subject ring binder measured 113cm wide x 155cm high (approximately 44.5” wide x 61” high) in the closed position.

It is important to note that the subject ring binder is a functional ring binder that was manufactured for a customer required to present oversized technical drawings to the military. The binder was not manufactured to win a contest. A prototype was submitted to Impact’s customer for approval. The prototype was approved, and an order placed for several pieces. According to Ralph Salisbury of Impact Enterprises, the thought to submit these binder specifications to Guinness did not occur to him until almost four months after the binder order had been completed. “I was reviewing first and second quarter orders for year 2010 when I came upon this order. I just wondered if anyone had ever manufactured a functional ring binder close to this size. After a few moments, Guinness Book of World Records came to mind, and I pursued it.

Other Innovative Accomplishments...



Impact was the first to offer Tempered Glass as a unique and branding option for menu and binder covers. 






Impact was the first to offer solid wood menu and binder covers on a commercial scale. We are also the first to offer and strongly promote a wide selection of woods from Verified Sustainable Forests.





Impact was the first to offer handcrafted metal menu and binder covers on a commercial scale. We started with copper then expanded our selection to include brass and brushed aluminum. After years of continuing research and experimentation we have accumulated the world's largest selection of distinctive natural patina finishes, and this continues to grow.


2016 Awards:

Most Innovative Custom Presentation Products Manufacturer
Best Socially Responsible Company - USA

Design Honors Awarded to Impact Enterprises, Inc.

The ADEX PLATINUM Award for Design Excellence was presented to Impact for its creative and uniquely designed Surfboard Menu Cover. This menu cover design is solid wood, Cherry from a Verified Sustainable Forest, and has the unique shape of an authentic surfboard. This menu ‘board’ comes with its own solid wood base which allows the board to stand vertically on a table-top, and be removed and reinserted easily. A unique and flawlessly designed wood frame was created for the ‘interior’ side of the surfboard that allows for easy insertion and removal of printed inserts. The decoration is laser engraved. All of Impact’s woods are harvested from Verified Sustainable Forests.
Custom-Wood-Menu-Covers-Surfboard          North_oaks_golf_club
The ADEX GOLD Award for Design Excellence was presented to Impact Enterprises for its infinite attention to detail in creating the North Oaks Golf Club menu covers. These solid wood, Cherry stained mahogany, menu covers, are decorated with a delicately embossed dark copper plate that is recessed in an unrivaled round window that is finished with a picture-perfect beveled edge. The dark mahogany stain complements the dark copper finish. The embossing in the copper is buffed to accentuate the artwork. The wood is from a Verified Sustainable Forest. The dark mahogany stain is water-based. The copper is recycled.