Impact Accessories offers custom signage, available in metal, wood, acrylic, and tempered glass. Our custom wood signage and custom metal signage is available with 4CP printed artwork. We have also manufactured custom leather signage, framed in metal or wood. Impact Enterprises is also known for its custom eco-friendly signage. Our popular eco-friendly signage includes wood signs, metal signs, and leather signs.

Custom Signage, Metal - Dark copper finish with embossed and buffed artwork
Custom Signage, Copper - Medium copper finish with embossed and buffed artwork
Custom Signage, Metal - Copper with medium copper finish and embossed artwork
Custom Signage, Aluminum - Bright brushed aluminum, embossed artwork with color-fill
Custom Signage, Wood - Solid mahogany, oval shape, laser-engraved detailed artwork
Custom Metal Signage - Bright copper framing medium copper with natural blue-green patina, embossed
Custom Signage, Wood - Solid dark bamboo with laser-engraved color-filled artwork
Signage - Solid wood with engraved artwork and screened lettering
Signage - Copper signage in bright light copper finish with embossed artwork
Custom Signage, Metal - Olive brass signage with very light patina, embossed artwork

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