Keycards - Custom Menu Covers, Binders, & Presentation Folders
Keycards - Custom Menu Covers, Binders, & Presentation Folders



When it comes to branding, presentation is everything. Impact Covers custom design combined with quality materials reinforces brand recognition. Our line of placemats, coasters, door hangers, and keycards can be customized to your specifications and manufactured from a wide selection of durable materials including genuine leather, faux leather, solid wood, metal including copper, brass, and aluminum, and tempered glass. Available colors, shapes, and decorations is almost unlimited.

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Decoration options for custom Impact accessories including Door Hang Tags, Keycards, Coasters, and Placements are varied, extensive, and present truly great branding opportunities.
Your Impact Design Sales Associate can offer decoration options for your accessories that are exciting, unique, and creative.

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